Notice how old Spanish colonial homes still have the original wood that was used when they were built many decades, even centuries, ago?  Since solid wood almost never needs to be replaced, you can count on it to last for generations to come.


The variety of species that are available make it easy to achieve any look you want for your home.  Whether you prefer your floor to have golden-brown hues, rich red undertones, or anything in between, there is a wood specie that will suit you.


Because wood is a natural material and is very easy to keep clean, it is a smart flooring choice for those who have allergies or asthma.


Because of its longevity, homes with solid wood flooring are generally appraised higher in the real estate market as compared to those which use different floor surfaces.


Wood is the only renewable building material we have, and we therefore take pride in ensuring that all our wood comes sustainable and legal sources.

The best investment
you can make for your